The Blossoming Almond Tree

The almond is the very first tree to flower. It blossoms in the midst of winter, generally in February and is therefore seen by many to herald the arrival of spring. Spring is known throughout the world as the time of revival and resurrection. The almond therefore represents hope for restoration of a new life after the cold winter.

The blossoming almond shown in the logo of the Justice for Khojaly Campaign also embodies that hope. Hope that there will be justice for the genocide committed in February 1992 in Khojaly, an ancient Azerbaijani settlement in mountainous region of Karabakh. Hope that there will be a promise that such atrocities will never, ever happen again. The almond signifies one of the missions of our Campaign, honoring and keeping the memories of the victims alive and relieving the suffering of their families.

The torn petal of the almond flower demonstrates the break between human harmony and nature, symbolizing the inhuman acts committed during the Khojaly Genocide and highlighting the current plight of the victims who will not be able to enjoy “spring” until justice is restored.

Like the almond blossoming through the hard winter conditions, Azerbaijan has navigated a difficult path of development and has become a strong, powerful country and regional leader.