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"Karabakh falls prey to revenge"
The Independent, 8 March 1992
"Morgues fill as Azeris head for all-out war"
The Sunday Times, 8 March 1992
"Crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh"
The Irish Times, 12 March 1992
"I saw the massacre in Karabakh"
Milliyyet, 15 March 1992
"The West witnessed the scene of the Armenian massacre. Russian soldiers admit: "We were persuaded to fight Azerbaijanis""
Milliyyet, 15 March 1992
"The face of a massacre"
Newsweek, 16 March 1992
"Massacre in Khojaly"
Time, 16 March 1992
"A tragedy whose perpetrators cannot be vindicated"
Svoboda, 12 June 1992
"Painful search"
The Independent (London), 12 June 1992