4 October 2016

According to the information given by head of the representative office of the Baku International Multiculturalism Centre in Israel Arye Gut, the novel “PAIN” was published at “Medial” print house in Tel-Aviv.

Israeli authors Amir and Arye Gut talk, in their work, about the horrifying events associated with the genocide act committed by Armenian armed groups in Khojaly in 1992, and picture a romantic love history of two young people belonging to different religions, different nationalities, brought up in different environments, who had met each-other in the beautiful city of Baku, as fate willed.

One of the authors of the novel, Arye Gut said: “Paul, one of the novel’s characters, lived in Israel, and another character – Roya, despite being too young, had to withstand a lot of shocks in her life. Still a child, she witnessed the horrors of the merciless killings committed by Armenian fascists and bandits against peaceful civilians of Khojaly town of Azerbaijan. Although twenty years had passed since this bloody tragedy, these events have left incurable traces in the hearts of every Khojaly resident who had, as if due to some miracle, survived”.

Scientific editor of the novel, doctor of philosophy for political sciences Mahsati Aliyeva writes that Roya, a character of the novel, is a living witness of the genocide act committed in 1992 by Armenian armed groups in Azerbaijan’s Khojaly town. Mahsati Aliyeva further notes: “Having become a refugee in their homeland, Roya’s family has seen all the horrors of the war that the people has been forcibly involved. After she grew up, she decided to help her fellow townsmen who had survived to look for their lost relatives. Roya does her best to convey the true facts about these events to the world society”.

Roya, one of the characters of the novel “PAIN”, says: “I can never forget the faces of the children, women and elderly who had been mercilessly and cold-bloodedly killed by Armenian armed forces under a clear night sky. I can never forget the sense of hatred against humans and cruelty inherent in Armenians. After that bloody killing, which has permanently deprived me of the love for life, I can never forget the horrifyingly still night of Khojaly. I would never forget these events that have killed my soul, these horrifying and unbearable moments of my life associated with Khojaly”.

Scientific editor of the book Mahsati Aliyeva writes: “Who are to blame for this tragedy? Why the terrorists who have committed a bloody genocide against the peaceful residents of the city of Khojaly are not punished? Why people with no guilt have been subjected to genocide? Answers to all questions may be found by reading this novel, which is read without a pause”.

Israeli authors Amir and Arye Gut, in the search of truth in the feature-documentary novel “PAIN”, have talked about the mass killings committed in an Azerbaijani town. The authors of the novel “PAIN” have unmasked terrorist leaders of the contemporary Armenia, based on the testimonies of citizens of Khojaly who have been living witnesses of this bloody killing.

The Israeli authors have pictured the sorrow and tragedy of the Azerbaijani peole with great heart-ache. The authors have sent a message of warning to the world about the nasty intentions of the Armenian terrorists who are disseminating death and horror, who have destroyed tangible and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani history, but could not destroy the pure and bright feelings of the sons of the Homeland, which inspires them for a great mission – to protect their historical lands.

It would be appropriate to mention that head of the representative office of the Baku International Multiculturalism Centre in Israel Arye Gut presented the first print of the lyrical-documentary novel “PAIN” to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev during the 5th Baku International Humanitarian Forum.