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26 February 2018

Today, 26 years ago in history. Remembering what the world prefers not to remember.

Azerbaijan borders with Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. A very difficult and unstable neighborhood. Yet, this country, an exemplary model of harmony and coexistence, is a victim of its neighboring Armenia’s aggression.

On the eve of February 25, and the morning of February 26, 1992, Armenia invaded the town of Khojaly in Azerbaijan and Armenian soldiers indiscriminately shot at innocent men, women, children and brutally killing 613 of them, as they attempted to flee from their homes, under siege, into the surrounding forest, toward safety.

When Armenian soldiers decided to invade the Azerbaijan homeland, in their attempt to capture land and end innocent lives, they held no cruelty back. That was the infamous Khojaly Massacre, described by Human Rights Watch as the “largest massacre in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict” between Azerbaijan and Armenia.