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Over the night of 25-26 February 1992, following a massive artillery bombardment, Armenian armed forces and paramilitary units, with the support from the former USSR’s 366th Motorized Infantry Regiment, moved in to seize the town.



  • Chingiz Mustafayev

    Chingiz MustafayevChingiz Mustafayev was born into a military family on 29 August 1960 in Astrakhan region of Russia. His family moved to Baku when Chingiz was 4...

  • Victoria Ivleva

    Victoria IvlevaA Russian journalist, Victoria Ivleva entered Khojaly after its occupation by the Armenian armed forces. She took the pictures of the streets of...

  • Ilgar Jafarov

    Ilgar JafarovIlgar Jafarov was born in Ganja, the second largest town of Azerbaijan. He graduated from Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute in 1983 and later in...

  • Khalid Asgarov

    Khalid AsgarovKhalid Asgarov was born in 1961 in Baku. First, he graduated from Baku Slavic University, and then he continued his education at Azerbaijan...

  • Frederique Lengaigne

    Frederique LengaigneFrederique Lengaigne is now a documentary film-maker, but in 1992 she was working for the Reuters agency in Moscow, photographing the collapse...

  • Other photos

    Other photosWarning: Viewers may find these images and footages upsetting.