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Individuals, civil society organizations, social entrepreneurs and activists committing themselves to advance the campaign’s goals can join it and take part in its activities. There are many ways to get involved. Any contribution is valued and greatly appreciated.

  1. LEARN ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN. Navigate through the website; familiarize yourself with the campaign, its goals and activities.
  2. PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT. Register at the website to pledge your support; become a supporter; stay up to date; and get invitation to events.
  3. SIGN THE PETITION. Demand that leaders of international organizations and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council support the campaign’s goals in recognizing the Khojaly Genocide and take action for bringing perpetrators to justice.
  4. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Send a letter or essay on your experience of learning about Khojaly and/or campaigning toward justice for Khojaly.
  5. GET THE WORD OUT. Write to a local newspaper, call up a radio station and keep friends informed about the campaign, its goals and activities.
  6. ORGANIZE YOUR EVENT. Raise awareness in your community! The campaign will support your initiative to organize a public awareness event, such as presentation, photo exhibition, Remembrance Day and other activities. Contact the campaign with necessary technical details.
  7. STAY INFORMED. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media.
  8. VOLUNTEER FOR THE CAMPAIGN. Our campaign highly values your interest in becoming a volunteer. Our volunteers work tirelessly to advance our core objectives and contribute to our activities. To register your interest in becoming a volunteer, please contact us at [email protected].
  9. CREATE A PHOTO MESSAGE. Reflect your feelings through photo/image and send it to us to share through website or in social media.
  10. MAKE A DONATION. Support the campaign by contributing to its year-round activities to spread the truth and raise awareness about the consequences of the conflict and far-reaching benefits of maintaining peace and stability in the South Caucasus region.