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13 April 2017

On 8th of February, at the meeting with the Armenian Associations Council, The President of France Francois Hollande issued an order for the French Education Ministry to create a special mission for investigation of genocides, mass slaughter, war and crimes against humanity.

Following, Hollande’s speech, on 28th of February, the chairman of the Friends of Azerbaijan Association and a member of the French National Assembly, Jan-Francois Mansel forwarded an official letter to the French President.

In his letter, J.F. Mansel requested the remeberence of the Azerbaijani genocide in Khojaly in case of the special day on ‘genocides, mass slaughter, war and crimes against humanity’ will be affirmed. Further, the letter states that the Khojaly genocide was by comitted by Armenia on 28th of February 1992, in result of which 613 people were killed including 106 women, 63 children, 70 elderly, 8 families destroyed, 25 children lost both parents, 1275 people were taken as hostages. J.F. Mansel evaluated this crime as a genocide and as one the most tragic pages in Azerbaijan’s history. He also claimed the equal attitude towards the victims of Khojaly genocide.

On 30th of March, Mansel received the response letter from the French President’s Cabinet. The letter says that Mr.Hollande attentively read the request and noted the importance to remember victims of all genocides, mass slaughter, war and crimes against humanity. Moreover, the French President cleared the mission’s target. It is aimed to investigate all genocides, wars and crimes against humanity more attentively in order to raise awareness of the French government.

Consequently, the Azerbaijani side will forward significant materials on Khojaly genocide to the newly created special mission.